Choose your own adventure for a holiday hot chocolate (and bonus sugarfree whipped cream)

Not sure about you, but I was getting a little sick of hearing about hot chocolatey things, candy canes, holiday Starbucks this/that, etc. and then doing the math in my head for what sort of roller coaster insulin torture I'd have to endure to participate. At the end of the day, IMO, NOT WORTH IT. … Continue reading Choose your own adventure for a holiday hot chocolate (and bonus sugarfree whipped cream)

Mourning Mexico, I mean, winter, with a Bloody Mary

I've been on a Bloody Mary kick more recently, so I thought I'd talk to ya'll about it a bit. This particular kick seems to happen every winter-to-spring transition time, where I just can't fucking stand the sight of my down jackets anymore and it won't stop snowing. I think it's some kind of weird byproduct of my genetic desire to hibernate while in reality, I still have to leave the house. Regardless, I've done a little digging on the nutritional makeup of a Bloody Mary for ya'll, and good news: this one's got a lot of healthy qualities to it, so best get drinking.

It’s so basic: The Margarita

Traditional Margs have the following ingredients: Tequila, a shitload of lime juice, possibly a half ounce of orange liqueur, and potentially sugar to cut the bitterness. They're versatile and can take a lot of forms: on the rocks, blended, or shaken/more martini-style. They're lime-y, but not a particularly sweet drink.

The Art of Drinking Internationally

I spent six days enjoying sugar-free mojitoes on a lounge chair next to the ocean/pool in Mexico. It really doesn't get better than that, you know? But, preparing for the trip reminded me that enjoying (in a relaxing way, not in a oh-shit-my-BG-is-suddenly-400-whoopsies kind of way) the international food and drink situation as a diabetic requires a little bit of forethought and planning.