Mascarpone cheese

A tiramisu…martini?

This was probably my most interesting challenge to date. From my research it turns out that, aside from the coffee boozy situation, there is somewhat inconsistent agreement on the primary flavors making up a Tiramisu martini. One thing everyone did agree on: it required lots of super sugary liqueurs to achieve success. Oh, hell no.

Mourning Mexico, I mean, winter, with a Bloody Mary

I've been on a Bloody Mary kick more recently, so I thought I'd talk to ya'll about it a bit. This particular kick seems to happen every winter-to-spring transition time, where I just can't fucking stand the sight of my down jackets anymore and it won't stop snowing. I think it's some kind of weird byproduct of my genetic desire to hibernate while in reality, I still have to leave the house. Regardless, I've done a little digging on the nutritional makeup of a Bloody Mary for ya'll, and good news: this one's got a lot of healthy qualities to it, so best get drinking.

It’s so basic: The Margarita

Traditional Margs have the following ingredients: Tequila, a shitload of lime juice, possibly a half ounce of orange liqueur, and potentially sugar to cut the bitterness. They're versatile and can take a lot of forms: on the rocks, blended, or shaken/more martini-style. They're lime-y, but not a particularly sweet drink.