Sugar Free Mixology was conceived through long discussions over sometimes good, and sometimes bad drinks in bars. It is inspired by the determination of Type 1 Diabetics everywhere that their quality of life not be driven by the disease, and dedicated to the diabetics and doctors who told me that my diagnosis didn’t mean I had to compromise my quality of life.

I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at 34, and for better or worse, I also interpreted the sage advice of not compromising my quality of life to mean that I could continue my caffeine habit and affection for wine & cocktails without interruption.  In an endeavor to bring true value to the mixology arena, I’m pleased to share with you some of my best learnings on how to accomplish just that.

This blog has a lot of tips customized for Type 1 Diabetics, since that’s kind of where I’m focused, but it really can be a tool for anyone! In here, I’ll share drink tips, tricks & tweaks to bring down the sugar content in alcoholic and coffee beverages (or in some cases some ways to consume while keeping your blood sugar under control) without making them taste like crap, low sugar/no sugar drink recipes, and there may be the occasional restaurant or bar review, if it’s really worth writing home about. I live in Colorado but I travel some so you never know where I might find a gem!

Hope you enjoy and please leave me your own findings in the comments – this is absolutely a collective learning experience.

Want to connect or have feedback? This blog is managed by a human who hates spam. Send me a note at jenniferawalton[at]gmail.

If it’s not immediately obvious, I’m not a doctor and I encourage you to do what’s right for your personal care.
Oh, and – please only drink over 21 years of age, and for fuck’s sake, don’t drink & drive.